Samothraki is a windswept island in the northeastern Aegean Sea. According to Greek mythology, Poseidon watched the Trojan War from his perch atop Mt. Fengari, the highest point on the island, which rises dramatically from sea level to one mile in elevation.

Here is a map of the Aegean. Samothraki is located under the blue bubble pointer. As you might infer from its location near the Straits of Dardanelles, the island is located to be of strategic importance to both Greece and Turkey. In fact, it has passed back and forth between the two countries over the centuries in terms of the ruling empire.

Getting to Samothraki is not easy. I will have to fly from Atlanta


to Athens (Greece, not Georgia – and they don’t know from SEC football)


Then you take a smaller plane to Alexandroupolis


Then from Alexandroupolis you take a ferry


To the bustling metropolis of Kamariotissa


I stay at the beautiful Hotel Panorama


which is the overflow housing from the Hotel Xenia:


We will work at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods,

Copy of P1000295

but that is a subject of another post. Stay tuned!


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