Some of you may know that I have started working out with a trainer, Jeremy, aka ETG for Excellent Trainer Guy (although sometime I substitute Evil for those 60-90 minutes every week during our sessions). I have made a lot of progress since we started in April, and I wanted to continue my momentum.

So that raises the question, how does one maintain one’s girlish figure while on an excavation? I can’t pack up the Blomeyer Center in my suitcase. My answer is “Blomeyer in a Bag”.

At least once a week, Jeremy has had me working out with elastic bands. I recalled that several years ago, the Emory EVP of the Health Sciences Center sent a set of elastic bands to all of the faculty as a holiday present. I dug those out of the cupboard, thinking that those would be a relatively light way of bringing along resistance training. I asked Jeremy to write out a workout that I could do with the set of bands, which he obliged. So yesterday morning I arose at 5:15 and got my workout done before the heat of the day made it an impossibility. It remains to be seen if I can manage to repeat that feat tomorrow morning.

So now, for your viewing pleasure, I present, “Blomeyer in a Bag”:


Other than that, I spent yesterday setting up my workspace, and getting myself organized for working the rest of my time here. More later!