The Greek expression for “Hello” is “Γεια σας” (sounds like Yah sis). I’m back on Samothrace for my abbreviated season, and back in the blogging business.

I left Atlanta on Thursday June 21, taking the 5:30 pm flight to Amsterdam (dratted Delta has discontinued direct flights to Athens), then flew on to Athens. The first leg was delayed in ATL for equipment repair, then delayed getting to the gate in AMS due to water leakage into the gate area. Other than that my flights were remarkably unremarkable. I checked into the Sofitel right at the airport, and fell asleep. I had hoped to watch the Greece v Germany match for a semi-final berth in the UEFA 2012 tournament, but I could not stay awake, then I slept right through my alarm.

The next morning I grabbed a cab and went to the Archaeological Museum in Piraeus. There I got a picture of the object known as the Salamis relief, as well as a couple other objects related to metrology. There is a saying that the best camera is the one that you have at the moment, and at that moment I had 3 cameras so I took pictures with all three of them: iPad, iPhone, and my big girl camera, a DSLR. On the ferry to the island I played around with the Snapseed app on my iPad. It was very intuitive and really pretty amazing. Two thumbs up for Snapseed!

Anyway, here is the SOOC shot of the Salamis relief (from the iPad)


and here it is after applying the Sharpen and Black & White filters to it


Pretty cool, huh!

Another cool object there is one for measuring liquid volume which was found in the agora in Piraeus. Here it is SOOC:


and here it is after some post-processing with Snapseed


Finally this shot is of a stele found in Piraeus


I took this shot with my iPhone and have not yet played around with post-processing yet. It definitely needs it. Inscribed on this stele are reports from market inspectors, reporting on the prices of meat. Pork is the most expensive, then goat, then beef.

I arrived yesterday and we have spent thia morning setting up – daisy-chaining extension cords from the one working electrical outlet around our work space, so that we can power 5 computers, a scanner, a printer, lots of lights, and fans. This afternoon I will get to work on analyses. More tomorrow!