We live pretty close to nature here, and so there are, of course, bugs. Spiders, grasshoppers, and flies, primarily, but this year the bug is the moth. There are an incredible number of moths flitting about in broad daylight. Everyone is remarking on it, that they (who have been coming here for years) have never seen anything like it.

I can’t capture the effect fully (actually, I can’t capture it at all) with still photography, so here is a video:

Saturday night we go out to dinner, so this Saturday I was allowed to choose, given that Lisa and I are leaving this week. I would have chosen Sotiros, but it does not open until July 1, so we went to καρυδιας (which translates to walnuts), also familiarly known as “The Bean Restaurant”. Although I was disappointed that they did not have gigantes, they did have another bean dish that was simply delicious.

Sunday is our free day. The NYU team and Steve Koob, the visiting conservator, went to Fonias to hike to the waterfall. Since Lisa had twisted her ankle before the trip and it was sore, we felt it best that she not make that hike. However, we did drive down along the northern coast of the island, and stopped at the trailhead. We walked just a little way up the trail (increments of meters). It had rained Saturday night, and the first obstacle on the path is a teeny tiny waterfall:

Teeny tiny waterfall

In this view we are looking straight through at the path, which continues to the left of the tree in the background. Here is a long shot:

on the trail to the Fonias waterfalls

We turned around and went back to the car, continuing on our journey along the northern coast road, which ends at Kipos (i=ee) Beach. Since the tourist season does not start here until July 1, there is hardly anyone in town, and almost no one was at the beach.

You can see Turkey from the beach:

view of Imbros from Kipos Beach

In the far distance is the island of Imbros, which is part of Turkey. I like the view of the end of the road:

land's end at Kipos Beach

Well, folks, there are still a lot of data here yearning to be analyzed, so I had best attend to that. More tomorrow!