Each year when a new group of students comes to the site, they receive a guided tour of the Sanctuary. For years, Jim McCreadie, who  had been site director since 1962 until recently, gave the tour. However, Bonna gave my tour the first year I was here, as she did in subsequent years up until this year. Unfortunately, she is suffering from a broken leg (another story) and has not yet been able to walk out into the site. So this year she called Mr. McCreadie back into service.

He starts the tour by leading everyone back to the southern corner of the Eastern Hill, in the block field for the Propylon of Ptolemy II, which was the building through which initiates entered the Sanctuary. Below are a couple of shots taken in the “school room”:

Sanctuary tour "school room"

Jim McCreadie

He gave a great tour. I am glad to say that I didn’t learn much that was new, which means that this stuff is sinking into my brain, finally! I was able to ask some good questions. Moreover, when Lisa and I went into the site yesterday to shoot some gigapans, I was able to point out some things that he had omitted (inner apsoidal wall of Hieron, Sacred Rock, rock in shape of the island that is set in the stone wall of one of the dining rooms).

I mentioned above that Bonna had broken her leg. She was descending from the Acropolis at Lindos on Rhodes last week, turned to say something to her friend, and fell. The rocks at these sites can be very slippery, and I have been watching myself to be sure that I remain intact, treating steps and rocky terrain very carefully. She went over to Alexandroupolis yesterday to see a doctor who will be replacing the half cast that she has been wearing, and she will return this afternoon.

Last night we went into Kamariotissa for pizza. Here is the pizzaria.

Samothraki Pizzaria

We sat across the street, enjoying a particularly beautiful sunset. In the background of this photo you can see Mt. Assos, the holiest mountain in modern Greece.

View of Mt. Assos from Samothraki at Sunset

And in this photo you can see the outline of the Greek island Thasos to the left of the setting sun.

View of Thassos from Samothraki at Sunset

More tomorrow!