Kali mera, y’all!

I left Atlanta on Thursday of last week and flew to Athens. The flight was uneventful, and I met up with my niece, Lisa, in baggage claim. We got our rental car and took off to see parts of Greece before proceeding to Samothrace.

I will update you later on some of the sites that we have seen, but for now I wanted to just give you an idea of Hall E, which is the workroom in the Archaeological Museum of the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. Last year I took gigapans of the workroom from 3 different perspectives:

This is the view as you enter the space. My work space is on the table on the left hand side, right at the entry. I use the white chair.

This is the view of the space behind my work space (it is obscure from view on both the north-south axial views).

Finally, this is the view of the hall from the back, looking toward the entrance.

I invite you to look around in these panoramas – that increases my explore scores, which is useful to me.

I will have more pictures and panoramas tomorrow, but for the moment I have to go. We are going to have a tour of the sanctuary (the we being Lisa, the new group of NYU students, an Emory alum and his companion, and I), led by Jim Mc Creadie, since our fearless, intrepid leader, Bonna, managed to break her leg last week.

More soon!