Yesterday was our last full day on the island. I worked my fingers to the veritable bone getting to analytic results. And today I need to do more. But I am also going to take some gigapans if it kills me. So this is a quick post, summarizing the high points and low points.

Let’s start with the low points: Our accomodations here are a little spartan (for those of you who know Montreat, think of Chestnut Lodge), so the Athens Marriott is getting to look mighty fine. We aren’t in our 20’s any more, and it is tougher to leave our luxuries as we age.

But enough about low points, let’s hear it for the high points: Perhaps because of the accomodations, we have developed better friendships here. In addition, Bonna and I have developed a better working relationship in that I am much more familiar with the architecture meaning and archaeological context of the work, while she is much more familiar with what I need in terms of data. And perhaps next summer I can get her to understand the concept of confidence interval.

So keep those cards and letters coming in, folks. And cheer me on when I hike up the Acropolis on Friday, approximately 2 am EDT (9 am here).

More later….