Today after a packed day of analysis (now that I have a dataset that Bonna is satisfied with), taking Gigapans (I got several good ones and will post links after I upload them next week), and finally packing, the Great Gods took offense and decided to throw a thunderstorm in our honor at 5:30 when I was beginning to get nervous about leaving for the ferry. However, it was quickly over, and we managed to squeeze our 8 bags and 3 people into the Micra to get to the ferry dock. We arrived just as the last vehicles were getting off the ferry, so we were able to get our luggage well situated.

Six of the eight bags with which we are traveling, nicely shelved on the ferry

Fortunately we were early enough so that we could get good seats. So I camped out while Rick roamed the top deck to take pictures. I think this one, looking out from the harbor in Kamariotissa, is pretty nice.

A view from Kamariotissa harbor

Although the boat’s arrival had been delayed by the storm, we left more or less on time. Rick took this last picture of the island.

One last view of Samothrace

We arrived in Samothrace after dark, and managed to get a cab to take us the few blocks to the hotel. Erika was just as irrascible as ever, clearly clueless as to how two people named Hertzberg can’t speak German.

It has been a long day, and we have to get up early and go to the airport tomorrow, so I’ll post again on Friday. Until then…