… I am NOT posting a technical blog today. I thought I would talk more about food.

For the most part we cook for ourselves here at the Xenia. Although we sometimes give in to a American favorites (ketchup, mustard, peanut butter, and Coca-Cola), we cook more or less in a Greek style. Cooking is rather elemental here. We cannot scoot through the produce department at Publix and find a plastic container of chopped onions. The chickens are whole, the fish are so fresh that they have hardly stopped wriggling, and when you go to the butcher to get ground meat, he steps inside the meat locker, takes out a hunk of beef, cleaves off a section, then sends it through the grinder.

Jim owns a house here, and every spring he sends over seed for sweet corn for his man here to plant. So we have been enjoying corn on the cob during our stay, as well as tomatoes and cucumbers, from his largesse. (A note to Dr. Crews, my orthodontist, if she is reading: I am cutting the corn off the cob before eating.)

Last night we enjoyed hamburgers a la Grecque – ground beef mixed with chopped onion, egg, parsley, coriander; shaped into patties, broiled, then served on pita bread – and corn on the cob. We did have ketchup for the burgers, although they taste just as good without it.

A few nights ago we had fish – we think it is sea bass. Michael deboned it, then we cooked it on the barbecue.

Michael's sea bass a la Grecque

In addition Michael and Rebecca fried up some calamari, all of which was accompanied by green beans cooked up with an onion, a tomato – dill salsa, and corn on the cob. Here are (left to right) Kyra and Kyle waiting for the rest of us.

Our feast awaits!

By the way, this Kyle is the much less hirsute version of the Kyle who got his hair cut the first week we were here. Quite a difference, yes?

For dessert, Kyle had mixed up a Morfat cake. Morfat is evidently a Danish company, although it seems that the Greeks love these mixes. No baking is involved in the preparation of these cakes, just add water to the various components, stir, layer them all together in the ring mold that comes in the box, and refrigerate. We had a chocolate cake, and I think that in one small slice I overdosed on chocolate. Here’s a picture:

Morfat chocolate cake

Well, I am off to make some sense of these data. More later…