Saturday I slaved away over a hot laptop, programming, checking data, etc, and was at it until 7:45 pm, when Rick had our daughter on Skype. Being the good mother that I am, I opted to stop work and chat with her. All of the team slowly dragged back to the Xenia, and around 9 pm we drove up to Chora for an evening out.

We ate at 1900, a very nice restaurant. Tzatziki, melanzanasalata (eggplant salad), horiatiki (Greek salad), patates, chicken souvlaki, and goat – nummers!

The view from our table at 1900 in Chora.

Sunday morning I woke up when the cicadas started chirping, around 8 am. WIdrove in to Kamariostissa with Bonna where we picked up some hot buzecki, a pastry specialty to northeastern Greece. It is layers of filo dough pastry, each generously slathered with butter, then a layer of custard, then more filo and butter. This whole concoction is then baked until golden brown. when you order, you point to a length. The woman then cuts of that length then slices and dices into little square bits, which she then heaps onto some butcher paper and sprinkles with powdered sugar and cinnamon. After weighing – it’s sold by the kilo – she wraps it up and bags it. It is best enjoyed while still warm.

After breakfast we went to the sandy beach at Pacchia Ammos. I took several gigapans there, which I am processing now. I’ll upload and post links at a later time, after I am back in the world of fater internet.

After lunch, we went to Fonias to hike to the waterfalls. Although there is only the slightest of slopes, the hike is challenging in that one must pick one’s way carefully through rocks, at times crossing over the river then crossing back again. But I am proud to say that I made it all the way, although by the time I arrived I was too exhausted to swim. I had to save my energy to get back to the car, although the return trip was slightly easier since it was downhill – the incline was slight, but enough to make a difference that way.

Michael along the way.

I'm getting there, slowly but surely!

Now I am back with nose to grindstone, or rather, fingers to computer keyboard. I hope the great god of SAS continues to smile upon me.

More later…