A few days ago we promised you gigapans. We have been so busy here in Hall E, slaving away over a hot computer writing SAS programs and analyzing data, that we have hardly had time to take any. The three gigapans that we have taken are of (you guessed it) Hall E. Here is a link to one of them.

Michael, the wonder-geo-spatial guy, has been so busy taking a survey of the site that he has hardly had time to take any, likewise. However, he has managed to sneak off for a few shots. Unfortunately for all of us, the internet connection here is so slow that he has not uploaded any of them yet.

If you are interested in more gigapans of Samothrace, you can find all of the work by Michael and yours truly on the island by going to this link.

Now we had best be getting back to work – more data to analyze. More tomorrow!