There are most interesting street signs on Samothrace. For example, the sign below is ubiquitous here. What do you think it means?

One would think that there is a cow crossing ahead if one saw this sign. However, one would be wrong, since there are no cows on Samothrace.

Yet, there are a lot of goats and sheep on Samothrace, yet only one sign to warn of their crossing ahead. We are bringing it to you right here, you lucky readers!

There are a lot of signs that are just exclamation points (!). This one, however, is intended to warn one of an upcoming series of bumps. It might also remind gentle readers of something else, but this is a family blog, and we would really like to keep our G rating.

One might think that this next sign is warning of dangerous driving conditions. We think, however, that there should be signs warning of the crazy drivers here on the island.

This sign reminds us of one of those pictures where if one stares at the light one sees one image and if one stares at the dark one sees a completely different image. We suppose that Samothracian traffic authorities think that one will only be warned of the potential for falling rock regardless of whether one concentrates on the light or the dark.

Finally this is our favorite sign. Be careful of those that might push your car into the water!

More tomorrow…