Saturday was our big night out, and Jim treated us all to dinner at Sotiros, my favorite restaurant on the island. Sotiros the restaurant is situated above the capital of the island in the hamlet of Sotiros. The restaurant sits in front of a lovely Greek Orthodox chapel.

One of the house specialties is patates, potatoes fried in olive oil over an open fire.

Here is our party…

Around the table from the left: Rick, Kyle, Hugh, Bonna, Jim, Abi, Amy, Kyra, and yours truly.

This is the view behind me

Rick took this picture outside looking down at our table.

And this is the view from the restaurant.

Sunday morning Rick and I went out for brunch at a creperie in Chora, the medieval capital city of the island.

We split two crepes, one stuffed with kavourma (a meat specialty of the island), feta, tomatoes, and peppers, and the other stuffed with dark chocolate and orange marmalade.

Chora is also where Palamede Gattilusio built his castle (see yesterday’s post), the ruins of which still tower over the city.

Finally I’m sure that my colleague Lance will be happy to see that I can work turtles into this blog. During our layover in the Athens airport we saw an exhibit on animal life in the Aegean, and they featured a conference on the future of the sea turtles in the Mediterranean.

Then on Sunday we saw a turtle crossing our driveway.

Here is Kyra, Emory grad student in art history, holding up the “see” turtle for your viewing pleasure.

That’s about all for now, more tomorrow…