We divide up responsibilities for meal preparation and clean-up from Sunday supper to Saturday lunch. Saturday evening we will have supper out somewhere (and tonight we are going to Sotiros – yeah!). Sunday breakfast is on our own, as is Sunday lunch, although sometimes we organize lunch out somewhere, like the “bean restaurant” (they make a couple of great bean dishes there).

Wednesday supper was Rick’s and my responsibility. The difficulty here is that one must deal with Greek ingredients, and the local supermarket does not have a great deal of selection. I wanted to make fish, but one must buy that fresh, from a fish store, and Bonna does not know of any. Well, evidently there are 2 fish stores in Kamariotissa, the port city. One of them is in the bait shop. So we went to pick up Michael Page, our geo-spatial expert, from the ferry, and to find fresh fish. Once we got to the bait shop we found that the day’s selection had been picked over a lot by 2 pm when we arrived. Thus I settled on grilled sausages from the butcher shop for the main dish. Rick grilled them and sliced lengths of zucchini out back while I made spaghetti which I drizzled with olive oil, then added parsley, chopped tomato, and mezithra cheese (which made a 2nd appearance the next day for lunch with tuna). The fresh mezithra, a cheese made from sheep’s milk, is not as tangy as what I can buy at home, but nevertheless delicious.

Sausages roasting on an open fire

We capped it all off with the treats that Hugh had brought back from the mainland – baklava in various forms. All in all it was another great supper at the Xenia.

More later.