Yesterday we woke to cool windy weather, with serious dark clouds hanging over. While we were eating breakfast, it started to rain, and we soon had a big storm on our hands.

The view of the (normally placid Aegean Sea) from our front porch

Our front porch - needless to say we did not opt for breakfast there

Handsome Hugh in his foul-weather gear!

Rick and I had breakfast clean-up and lunch prep duties, so we did not have to dash up to the museum. So we washed dishes, and I boiled up a pot of spaghetti for lunch – after draining the pasta I poured in some olive oil, added some chopped parsley, some mezithra cheese, some chopped tomatoes, and tuna fish. Then, after placing it in the refrigerator, I went back to our room to work on a program, but I fell asleep instead.

I woke up a little after 11 am, then went to start another load of laundry – we had started one before breakfast, but the rain interfered with use of the Greek dryer (i.e., clothes line). I’ve written about the washing machine before.

In the afternoon I was back in Hall E. I got the initial results from the analysis of the data from the footprints of the Hieron, the Dedication, and the Altar Court. I now need to obtain confidence intervals for these estimates, and then I will do the hypothesis testing.

Back to programming – more later!