What could we possibly put in eight bags?

Well, each of us had computer bags. I was carrying 2 computers, Rick had one, and we needed power cords and adapters for power in Athens, as well as itineraries and ID’s. Then I had one bag filled with stuff for medical needs while Rick took a carry-on of the more sensitive equipment – camera, GigaPan, and video camera. Those were our carry-on bags.

Then there were our checked bags: one bag with clothes and toiletries for each of us, one duffel bag in which I stowed the tripod and our shoes, and, finally, a bag of other goodies, i.e., miscellaneous equipment (like cables and cords) that would not fit in the carry-on, as well as goodies for the folks on site: peanut butter (not sold in Greece), four pounds of Starbuck’s coffee, marshmallows (another non-Greek commodity sought since we barbecue a lot, and the students wanted to use the coals to make s’mores), ginger tea (Bonna’s favorite), a couple of boxes of instant hot chocolate, and eight boxes of granola bars – evidently Kyle, the computer animation genius, needs a lot of calories to work his magic, and these are his preferred snack. Also included were supplies for first aid. Thus, we should not need all eight suitcases for our return trip since we are considerably lighter going back (i.e., no food). One of the suitcases is not working properly (its handle won’t extend properly) so we may leave it here.

Yesterday I promised you pictures, and here they are. First,

a view of the Alexandroupolis harbor from our hotel balcony

and a view along the quay. Next, our dinner at Milo’s in Alexandroupolis:

Horiatiki (Greek salad)

Tzatziki (left) and mussels with rice (right)

Gavros (sautéed anchovies)

Next up, pictures along the quay in Alexandroupolis:

Yours truly and Rick

Miscellaneous statuary (it looks all Greek to me)

From the quay you can see

the Saturday market that takes place at the parking lot for the ferry,

where you can buy really fresh chicken.


Hugh and I on the ferry

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll write more tomorrow.