The tickets are purchased, and I am slowly but surely beginning to put together the material for this year’s trip. Packing should be a little easier this year since I won’t have to pack 2 wardrobes (one for a Mediterranean climate and another for a cooler climate) as I have on my previous two trips. I’m also really excited because Rick has agreed to accompany me this year.

Here’s the progress so far…

  • Last week’s acquisitions: new white hat, SPF 50 sun screen, battery chargers, 16 rechargeable batteries, a current converter (thank you, Pete P, for letting me borrow yours on previous trips), 2 extension cords, new luggage tags, new flashlight. Note, also the long-haul flight kit from Delta, courtesy of Shannon O’Brien’s father, Brian.
  • New acquisitions for 2010 Samothrace trip

  • Still needed: 2 cheap unlocked phones (so we can purchase SIM cards in Greece and use those phones locally there).
  • Need to find somewhere in this house: tripod, the video camera, cords for video camera, the GPS handheld unit, iPod speakers, power cord for iPod speakers.
  • Still to do: make hotel reservations in Athens for July 22-24, finish NP analysis, insert mathematical notation into the statistical section on our project web site. (NB, to statistical friends, please note that the mathematical notation is missing from some of my sections – wordpress won’t let me insert an equation as part of a Word document. Thus I have to insert the equations as images, and I have had difficulties in sizing them appropriately. Yet another task for this month.)

I won’t be writing too much more until closer to our departure date of July 1. I just wanted to get y’all in a Samothracian frame of mind. In the meantime, check out the really cool animations of the reconstructed 3-D Sanctuary of the Great Gods here.

More later!