Kali mera!

Although it is Saturday, we are working so that we can make as much use of the season as possible. Even the archaeologists who are here for the “full season” only stay from the last week of June through mid-August, about 8 weeks.

Yesterday saw the arrival of Matt and his wife Lydia. Matt recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD in Classics, and Lydia is still a doctoral student there, trying to finish her work over the next year. Matt is working on building a 3D model of the site and a virtual reconstruction.

Tomorrow several of our team will also depart: Maggie, a doctoral student in the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU, Amy, a freshly minted PhD from Emory who has a faculty position at Towson University in Baltimore, Leah, an architecture student from Harvard, and Sarah, a rising sophomore in high school and friend of Abi’s.

To recognize this shift, we held a formal ouzo hour last night on the porch of the Xenia. In years past, Jim McCreadie, the site director, insisted on a formal ouzo hour every night except Saturday. He would dress in coat and tie, and everyone was expected to change from the clothes that they had worn in the site that day to something a little more formal. They would sit around a table with Ouzo and other drinks as well as appetizers. Thirty minutes later they would adjourn to the veranda for dinner.

With Bonna in charge, ouzo hour still occurs, but is much less formal. Certainly everyone changes clothes, but perhaps not to anything more than something clean. Also we don’t sit down on the porch in a circle, rather drink our beer or ouzo or Coca-Cola at a selected spot on the veranda. Nevertheless, last night we wanted to recognize Mr. McCreadie, who has been supplying us with vegetables from his garden  and supporting our activities all summer. Continuing in the tradition of years past we also had a team picture taken. In this case the picture was taken by Bailey, Bonna’s husband.

2009 Samothrace dig team

2009 Samothrace dig team

Amy is in the purple dress in the lower right. Clockwise from her: Kyra, Abi, Sarah, Leah Susan, Hugh, Michael, Roger Stein and Jenny Strauss Clay (visitors for the evening, they are faculty at University of Virginia), Mr. McCredie, Yong, Jake, Bonna, yours truly, Lydia, Matt, and Maggie. In the background is Sylvester, the VW THING (circa 1971) that Mr. McCredie keeps on the island.

Today, Abi and Sarah have been blogging over at iSamothrace.org. Today’s topic is the not-quite-to-the-top of Mt. Fengari. Check it out!

More on Monday…