Power is one of our biggest issues here. There is only one wall plug in the data analysis laboratory, from which we have to power 4 computers, a printer, a fan, and several charger units. Here is a picture of what is plugged in right now:

Powering the data analysis laboratory

Powering the data analysis laboratory

One fan, one computer, one extension cord that powers 2 more computers, and a charger unit for the Total Station (our survey equipment). And we haven’t even opened up the printer box yet.

In the main workroom, the situation is even worse. Like us, they just have one electrical outlet for their much larger space, and power strips and extension cords are daisy chained throughout the room to supply electricity to between 8 and 12 computers (depending on who is out in the field at any given time), 3 printers, 2 fans, several desk lamps, and a partridge in a pear tree (actually, I made up that last item ).

We also go through batteries like nobody’s business. I thought I would be fine with a dozen or so ordinary AA batteries. However, we burned out the original power supply for the Total Station, so I gave 6 batteries to Jake so he could continue with the survey, and Michael needed some as well, since the recharging units were in his luggage that did not arrive until last night. Moreover, between Michael and I we are carrying three Gigapan units (see http://gigapan.org/index.php for an explanation of what this device does, and I’ll post more links to Gigapans once some of the images have been stitched together). Anyway, each Gigapan takes 6 AA batteries.

Thus, I now need to publicly confess to hubby dear: Honey, you were right and I was wrong. I should have taken the battery charger and the rechargeable batteries.

So now that I have eaten my slice of humble pie for the day, it is time for me to see download and stitch the two Gigapans that I took this morning. I started a third, but my camera batteries died in the middle.

More later!