Kali mera!

That’s “Good morning” y’all.

I finally made it. Yesterday Michael and I retrieved my luggage from the airport in Alexandroupolis. Who knew that nobody from Aegean airlines worked between 11 am and 4 pm? So when we arrived at the airport at 11:30 (what was our hurry, we didn’t need to catch the ferry until 3 pm?) we found nobody home. Hence we had to cool our heels in the airport for 4 hours or so. Fortunately the airport has AC (although no wifi) so we were comfortable, and able to work, although not on-line.

Michael’s luggage was not on hand. Nevertheless we came on to the island, catching the 9 pm ferry. Bonna and Bailey met us in Kamariotissa and drove us back to the site.  We have taken over the Xenia Hostel at the site. I have a lovely private room with a half bath, out of everyone’s way.

We have a very structured work day. Up at 6 am, breakfast at 6:30, then to the museum at 7. We break for lunch at noon or so, then back again at 3, working until 6 or 7. We share cooking and cleanup chores for breakfast and lunch. Bonna’s original plan called for eating out every night, but now they are beginning to cook supper as well. Obviously we work Saturdays as well.

I have moved up in the world. This year I actually merit an office, with a table which is more than two sawhorses with pieces of scrap lumber spread between them. Since there are no conservator’s on the island this year, Michael, Jake, and I are sharing the conservator’s room.I have a nice view out the doorway, through which I can see a little bit of ocean. Matthew will also share this space once he arrives later this week.

Here is a picture of Michael (R) and Jake (L) looking across the table from where I am sitting:


Speaking of work, I had best start. More later…

PS. This was written earlier this morning, but due to a hiccup in the internet connection, I am only able to post it now.