Hello Blogland,

I left Atlanta on July 9 and then spent two weeks traveling through Germany and Poland with my family. Yesterday in Frankfort, Germany, we parted ways – they flew home and I began my trip to Samothrace.

Due to pricing, I flew to Paris, then Athens, and then on to Alexandroupolis, with a planned night stay. My itinerary then called for me to catch a ferry at 9 am this morning. Unfortunately, my luggage did not make the flight from Paris to Athens, so I have to hang around here and grab it. I will take a ferry later today. I am anxious to get a new set of clothes.

In the Athens airport I met Jake Buttera, a doctoral student in classics at Duke University. He was on site last year and will be continuing this year to help “shooting points” (explanation to come in a later post) and “other duties as required” (no explanation needed for that!). It was great to catch up with Jake and to learn of all of the events in his life over the last year.

Michael Page also joined us on the flight from Athens. Michael is the geospatial librarian at Emory. He will be creating a georeferenced map as well as doing some really neat stuff with photography.

Michael’s luggage also did not make the flight from Athens, so now we will both be enjoying some extra time in Alexandroupolis

Last night Jake, Michael, and I made our way down the city park along the coast, and stopped at Milo’s for dinner. We had almost finished when Bailey and Hugh (Bonna’s husband and son) walked in. We sat and chatted while they ate.

We finally got back to the hotel around 10. A few minutes later the three of us found ourselves back in the lobby to get the wifi signal. I was in email with my family – the car’s battery died, then they could not find the ticket to get out of the lot. But otherwise their return journey was uneventful.

More later…